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Run and Read Volunteers Needed!

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Volunteer Position Name / Role: Run and Read Volunteers Needed!
Date Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Organization Name: Start2Finish
Organization Contact: Jaime Drohan
Why you might want to consider taking this opportunity: DISCOVER THE REWARDS OF VOLUNTEERING
-Help children in the most economically challenged areas of Canada
-Gain personal satisfaction through utilizing and enhancing skills
-Meet new people and develop friendships and professional contacts
-Build self-esteem
-Challenge yourself and experience personal growth
-Develop a sense of accomplishment
-Enhance your health and well-being
-Have fun!
Type of Organization: Child and Family Service
More Info Link:
Volunteer type position is suitable for:
  • Adult (18 +)
  • Family or Group
  • Business/employer supported group
Duties / Roles / Activities: WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?
-Volunteers supervise and encourage the children through the physical activity component of the program. They lead warm up, running workouts, and other fitness activities while cheering them on and providing encouragement.
-Volunteers help to distribute snack to the students after the physical activity component.
-Each volunteer has the opportunity to explain a "Word of the Day” for the whole group.They will share the word selected for that week (as provided in the Director’s Manual) and engage feedback from the students regarding the definition and how they have exemplified it at some point in their lives.
-Volunteers help children to record their accomplishments in both running and reading each week.
-Volunteers supervise as children read silently, read one-on-one with children or lead group reading, listen to them read and providing help and encouragement.
-All volunteers are required to proactively work together along with the Club
Sample Tasks:
Dates & Times:
  • Evening
Seasonal: Winter Months Only
Location of Volunteer Activity:
Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
Can be used toward '40 Hours' for Highschool Graduation (OSSD): Yes
Commitment Length / Duration: Moderate Term (3 months to 1 year)
Training Required:
  • None
Transportation: On Transit Route
Expires: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Areas of Interest:
  • Support for Children / Youth
  • Education / Mentoring / Tutoring
  • Sports / Recreation / Leisure / Coaching
  • Exercise / Fitness Leader
  • Opportunities to support persons who are homeless / living in poverty
  • Event Planning / Fundraising and special events
Skills / Experience: Previous experience working/volunteering with children considered an asset but is not required.
I'm Interested