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Virtual Opportunities - Volunteer Canada

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Volunteer Position Name / Role: Virtual Opportunities - Volunteer Canada
Date Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Organization Name: Volunteer Dufferin
Organization Contact: Vicki Sword
Why you might want to consider taking this opportunity: DO NOT APPLY THROUGH THIS POST. Visit this link for virtual volunteering positions.

It’s volunteering done online, via computers, tablets, or smartphones, usually off-site from the non-profit organization being supported. More and more, organizations are engaging people who want to contribute their skills and time via the Internet. If you have access to a computer, there are many different volunteer projects and roles available to support organizations and causes in local communities or across the globe, and they can be done from home, the library, anywhere with an Internet connection.
Type of Organization: Public Service
More Info Link:
Volunteer type position is suitable for:
  • Any Age
  • Youth
  • Adult (18 +)
  • Family or Group
  • Business/employer supported group
Duties / Roles / Activities: Individuals engaged in virtual volunteering can take on a variety of activities and projects from one-time to long term and everything in between. Some opportunities require specific expertise and screening, others don’t. Many opportunities are skills-based and can include pro bono projects.
Sample Tasks:
Dates & Times:
Seasonal: All Year
Location of Volunteer Activity:
Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
Can be used toward '40 Hours' for Highschool Graduation (OSSD): Yes
Does this opportunity relate to COVID-19: Yes
Commitment Length / Duration: Moderate Term (3 months to 1 year)
Training Required:
Transportation: Own Transportation Required
Expires: Thursday, December 30, 2021
Areas of Interest:
Skills / Experience:
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