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Attention high school students! If you are looking for opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience, and to get your 40 hours community involvement requirement, check the grad cap filter when browsing opportunities.
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My daughters and I started this charity in memory of my six year old son, Spenser, who died in a car accident. He was a very loving and giving child and I would hear story after story about how he said the right thing at the right time, or encouraged someone and put a smile on their face. At Spenser's funeral we asked family and friends to bring Lego instead of flowers because he was a Lego maniac! We took the Lego to local hospitals and heard stories about how it was used as therapy for some of the children. We want to carry on Spenser's legacy of giving whole heartedly and without conditions.

At Spenser's Heart Children’s Charity we help children 5 to 12 years dealing with trauma of any kind through creative play. That trauma could be as a result of separation and divorce, foster care, death of a family member or friend, critical illness of a family member or themselves, abuse and/or domestic violence, accidents or bullying.

In our Lego Room the children work (play) one on one with a trained volunteer, where they can gain confidence and open up about their issues. Under the supervision of a mental health professional, our trained volunteers provide support and encouragement helping the children to heal and teach them some valuable life skills that they can take into adulthood.

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