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Rwenzori Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities (RAPCD) 's logo

RAPCD is a Non Governmental Organization founded in 2007 by parents of children with disabilities. It

is the Umbrella organization through which District Unions of Persons with Disabilities and the District

Community Development Departments networks with grass root children with disabilities.

The organisation that was created under the dream of Rev. Maali Wilson and His wife Masika Defrose

who have a child with cerebral palsy is currently a network of over 10 parents support groups established

at sub county levels in the districts of Kasese.

The organization works closely with parents/guardians and families of children with disabilities aiming at

creating a unified voice of the voiceless children the Rwenzori region to challenge situations that

dehumanize children with disabilities.

Basically the aim of the organization is to strengthen and empower parents of children with disabilities to work together to find the way to care for their children and sensitize the community on the rights and care of children with disabilities.

The organisation now runs a primary and secondary schools.

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