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Attention high school students! If you are looking for opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience, and to get your 40 hours community involvement requirement, check the grad cap filter when browsing opportunities.
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To engage youth in community development, civic engagement and provide programs which can

develop and enhance their life-skills;

To promote and provide health and wellness programs and services that can prevent and manage

health and wellness of community.

Young Canadian alliances works in association with School of Flavors to organize a lot of events throughout the year.

School of Flavours is not only a company but it’s a symbol of Indian heritage and culture in Canada. We believe that If there are two things that bring the entire world together, those are Food and Culture and fortunately India is rich in both.

School of Flavours is devoted to bring Indian culture and heritage to the Canadian streets by organizing some of the biggest Indian food events in all of North America.

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