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Attention high school students! If you are looking for opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience, and to get your 40 hours community involvement requirement, check the grad cap filter when browsing opportunities.

Social Club Facilitator

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Volunteer Position Name / Role: Social Club Facilitator
Date Posted: Monday, April 24, 2023
Organization Name: Community of Hearts
Organization Contact: Ariel Haines
Why you might want to consider taking this opportunity: In addition to giving back to the community in a positive way, potential volunteers may also be interested in making connections in the community and also building on their experience in the field of supporting and working alongside youth and adults with developmental exceptionalities.
Type of Organization: Adult Service
More Info Link:
Volunteer type position is suitable for:
  • Youth
  • Adult (18 +)
Duties / Roles / Activities: Volunteers will assist with preparing and facilitating the monthly Sunday Social Club. Depending on the volunteer's availability, Volunteers should be willing to commit two hours every month for Social Club events (3:00pm-5:00pm on the date of the event). Volunteers will be in charge of running the activity for that specific day (eg. Karaoke, BINGO, Board Games, etc.).
Sample Tasks: Examples of tasks would change depending on the Sunday Social Club activity for that month, but could include: picking and calling numbers for BINGO; typing songs in for Karaoke; assisting with set up/clean up for Board Games; cueing up the movie for Movie Day; administering prizes if necessary.
Dates & Times:
  • Weekend
Seasonal: All Year
Location of Volunteer Activity:
Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
Can be used toward '40 Hours' for Highschool Graduation (OSSD): Yes
Does this opportunity relate to COVID-19: No
Commitment Length / Duration: One Time Event (several hours to several days for a particular initiative which is time limited)
Training Required:
Transportation: Own Transportation Required
Expires: Sunday, December 31, 2023
Areas of Interest:
  • Support for seniors / older adults
  • Support for Children / Youth
  • Support for persons with disabilities
  • Sports / Recreation / Leisure / Coaching
Skills / Experience: Experience working alongside People with Developmental Exceptionalities is welcome, however no previous skills / experience are required to volunteer for the Social Club Facilitator role.
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