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Attention high school students! If you are looking for opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience, and to get your 40 hours community involvement requirement, check the grad cap filter when browsing opportunities.
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The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) is a public, charitable agency dedicated to the preservation of a healthy environment. Working with our partners, the NVCA provides the expertise to protect our water, our land, our future. Working together to lead, promote, support and inspire innovative watershed management.

To achieve our mission, NVCA has five major objectives:

- to protect, enhance and restore water.

- to protect, enhance and restore land.

- to protect life and property from flooding and erosion.

- to provide educational and recreational opportunities for the public.

- to partner with Watershed Municipalities, provincial/federal agencies, Conservation Ontario, and other interested stakeholders to achieve mutual goals.

Since 2002, the Healthy Waters Program has worked with landowners, volunteers and partners to implement over 1,250 stewardship projects (NVCA to 2017). Our active Forestry Program provides trees, planting services and forest management advice for landowners throughout the watershed. From 2002-2017, landowners and volunteers in the NVCA watershed have joined us in planting over 2.5 million trees.

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