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Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024! Sow the seeds of community involvement and keep volunteering!

Town of Mono, c/o Mono Pollinator Garden

The Mono Pollinator Garden is located at 246366 Hockley Road, about 1km east of Highway 10.  The purpose of the Garden is to help reverse the decline of wild pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and moths, by growing native pollinator friendly plants that provide ample pollen and nectar sources, as well as a safe habitat for them. The Garden presents an educational environment for the community in the hope to encourage every visitor to create a pollinator friendly habitat at their own homes. It is entirely run by volunteers who meet several times a week throughout the growing seasons. Please visit our website for detailed information about the Garden and how to volunteer.

Current Opportunities

Name of Opportunity Deadline Learn More
Mono Pollinator Garden Volunteer Tuesday, September 30, 2025 Learn More